Holland Studio LA

Andrü Sisson

Andrü Sisson

Interviewed by holland in NYC


Where do you live, what do you do? 

I live between New York and LA at the moment.  I'm an American painter.  

What excites you?

Hand rolling cigarettes, music, reading poetry and romanticizing about my ideal partner that I have yet to capture.  

What do you care about? 

Family first, and dedicating hours to my artistic practice.  I really care about the examination of the language that's been translated through my work.  

What's one small thing we can do to help others?

Just allow people to be themselves.  The notion of judgement is so far removed from my psyche at this age. 

Who do you think is changing the game? 

People that create honest work. The kind of work that inspires others and continues to help push culture forward.  

What do you want to do next? 

Right now, I'd rather be at the end of my life, and having a conversation with my mother on things that she foresaw about my overall life.